Imre Szabo


Бартcелона pop up invite you with a pleasure to the  first official exhibition opening that will be in the Collegium Hungaricum, in Belgrade.

The exhibition is by the Serbian photographer Imre Szabó, on Thursday the 10th of January at 19h. The exhibition will bet there until 28th of January 2019.

Imre Szabó is one of the best photojournalist from Yugoslavia/Serbia, he has been part of more than 200 exhibitions, group and several solo. With Imre we opened officialy Бартcелона gallery exhibitions and now again… and after so many exhibitions, on Thursday, we will have the opportunity to discover him, to discover his work.

This exhibition is in collaboration with the Collegium Hungaricum in Beograd and the support of Instituto Cervantes in Belgrado.

This exhibition will be also the official presentation of the project Бартcелона pop up, born from Бартcелона koncept but without borders, without limits… with full freedom for the new photography projects.

Thanks and see you!

David Pujado

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